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MicrosoftDP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

Azure, Cloud, Machine Learning, Python, Monitoring, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch

CitrixCNS-223 Implement Citrix ADC 13.x

Implementierung, NetScaler Essentials, Load Balancing, Hochverfügbarkeit, Konfiguration, Traffic Delivery, SSL Offload

CitrixCNS-224 Implement Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management

Traffic Management, Content Switching, Load Balancing, Konfiguration, Desaster Recovery, Richtlinien, URL-Transformation, Clustering

CitrixCNS-225 Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management

Traffic Management, Lizenzierung, Content Switching, Global Server Load Balancing, Hochverfügbarkeit, SSL Offload, Troubleshooting

CitrixCNS-227 Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13.x with Citrix Gateway

NetScaler Essentials, Load Balancing, Hochverfügbarkeit, Unified Gateway, SSL, Authentifizierung, Autorisierung,

CitrixCNS-226 Implement Citrix ADC 13.x with Citrix Gateway

Unified Gateway, Konfiguration, Implementierung, Virtual Apss and Dekstops, Citrix Gateway

MicrosoftADN - Microsoft 365 Fasttrack (MS-100 & MS-101)

MS-100, MS-101, Cloud, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Mobility, Security, SharePoint, Exchange, Compliance, Identity, Tenant, Device Management

MicrosoftAZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutions

Cloud, Azure, DevOps, Source Control, Scaling, Infrastruktur, Compliance, Security, Continuous Feedback, Migration

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Azure API Management und Web Services

API Management, Azure, Cloud, Website, Blob Storage, Table Storage, Azure App Service

MicrosoftMS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams - Praktisches Training - ADN Special

Cloud, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Security, Compliance, Bereitstellung, Verwaltung, Kommunikation

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Azure Automation

Cloud, Azure, ARM Templates, Git, DSC, JSON, Funktionen, PowerShell Framework, Automatisierung, Skripte

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Azure Prizing and Sizing

Azure, Cloud, Virtual Machine, Azure Resource Manager, Lizenzen, Projekt, Good Enough Strategie, PaaS, laas, Benchmark

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Azure Functions

Azure, Cloud, Development, Azure Functions, Monitor, Aggregator, Async HTTP, VS Code

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Azure Logic Apps

Azure, Cloud, Workflow, Automation, Trigger, Konnektoren, Logic App Designer, Deployment

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Azure Monitoring und Events

Cloud, Azure, Ressourcen, Monitoring, Event Grid, Event Hub, Application Insight, Skalierung, Automation

MicrosoftADN Intensiv Online Workshop - Microsoft 365 EndPoint Manager aka. Intune und Autopilot Cloud Only

Cloud, Azure, Active Directory, Windows 10, Microsoft 365, Autopilot, Lizenzen, Endpoint Manager, Win32 Apps, Policies

MicrosoftAZ-104 Azure Administrator

Cloud, Azure, Subscriptions, Storage, Virtual Machines, Networking, Identities, Monitoring, Traffic Management, Data Protection

IGELADN Intensiv Online Workshop - IGEL Management

ThinClient, Infrastruktur, Helpdesk, Best Practice, Universal Management Suite, Multimedia, Zertifikate

IGELADN Intensiv Online Workshop - IGEL Management Cloud (Igel Cloud Gateway)

ThinClient, Home Officer, User, VPN, Netzwerk, Cloud Gateway, Universal Management Suite, Hypervisor

CitrixCNS-231 Deploy & Manage Citrix SD-WAN 11.x

SD-WAN, Deployment, Provisioning, Monitoring, Security, Reporting, SD-WAN Orchestrator, LAN, WAN

MicrosoftADN Azure PowerShell Grundlagen Workshop

Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, AZ, ARM, CMDLET, ExpandProperty, Subscription, Speicherkonten, Ressourcen

MicrosoftWS-011 Windows Server 2019 Administration

Server 2019, Administration, Disaster Recovery, Hochverfügbarkeit, RDS, Hyper-V, Networking, Remote Access, Migration

CommvaultProfessional Foundations

CommCell, Storage, Security, Client Administration, Data Management, Server, Monitoring, Command Center, Cloud, CommServe

CommvaultProfessional Advanced

Deployment, Advanced Configuration, Storage, Policies, Monitoring, CommCell, Deduplication, Media Management, CommServe

WatchGuardNetwork Security Essentials - ADN Fasttrack

Fireware, Firebox Appliances, Proxies, Logging, Reporting, Monitoring, NAT, Security Services, VPN, Authentication

NutanixAdvanced Administration & Performance Management

Nutanix Cluster, Performance Management, Monitoring, Acropolis, Workloads, LCM, Metro Availability, Preism Central, Prism Pro, AOS, Data Protection

NutanixEnterprise Cloud Administration

Nutanix Cluster, Security, Networking, VM Management, Health, Monitoring, Storage Fabric, Data Protection, AHV, Prism Central, ROBO

CitrixCWS-415 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x Assessment, Design and Advanced Configuration

Virtualisierung,Virtual Apps and Desktop, App Layering, Design, Disaster Recovery, Konfiguration, Infrastruktur, Konnektivität, Zugriff, Hochverfügbarkeit, Application Delivery

CitrixCWS-215 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x Administration On-Premises and in Citrix Cloud

Virtual Apps and Desktops, Cloud, Security, Migration, Installation, Konfiguration, Richtlinien, Verwaltung

CitrixCNS-420 Citrix Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration

NetScaler Security, Multi-Site-Bereitstellung, VPN Konfiguration, Load Balancing, NMAS-Automatisierung, Troubleshooting, Architektur, Traffic Management

MicrosoftAZ-900T00 Azure Fundamentals (2 Tage)

Cloud, Azure, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Security, Support, Pricing

KEMPCertified Technical Engineer (KCTE)

LoadMaster, ADC, KCTE, Security, LoadBalancing, Traffic Management, Monitoring, Cloud, LACP, Intrusion Detection, WAF, Troubleshooting, Kemp 360

MicrosoftADN Azure Praxis Workshop

Azure, Cloud, Administration, Azure Resource Manager, VPN, Active Directory Connect, IaaS, Strategie, Server

IGELAdvanced IGEL Workshop

ThinClient, Infrastruktur, Universal Desktop, Firmware Verteilung, Multimedia, Windows 10

BitdefenderADN Bitdefender Basic Workshop (Cloud Focus)

GravityZone, Installation, Konfiguration, Implementierung, Lizenzen, Relay-Server, Endpoint Security

BitdefenderADN Bitdefender Advanced Workshop (inkl. Zertifizierung)

GravityZone, Malware, APT-Attacken, Hyper Detect, Sanbox Analyzer, Endpoint Detection, Support Tool, Zuweisungsregeln

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